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Grooming Terms Of Service

Please familiarise yourself with our terms of service before visiting us.

All clients are required to sign a form agreeing to the below terms of service.

Your Pet’s Health & Welfare

Whilst your pet is in our care its health and welfare is our primary concern. Occasionally during grooming a pre-existing condition maybe discovered which you may have not been aware of. We will always notify you of this so that you are able to seek veterinary advice. Although extremely unlikely, accidents can happen during grooming. In the event of an accident or serious medical issue arising during your pet’s groom, you authorise us at Trim & Taylor to seek emergency veterinary treatment.


Our pricing guide states are starting prices, are based on the following:

  • That your dog is used to being professionally groomed on a regular schedule.
  • That your dog is well maintained between professional grooms (kept tangle, knot and matt free by regular brushing or combing)

You can expect to pay more if:

  • Matted, poorly maintained and/or overgrown coats (dogs out of the 4–8 week breed schedules) – please note this is at my discretion and will start at £5.
  • Pets which are difficult to manage or uncooperative during grooming
  • Overweight pets or oversized for the breed standard
  • Timid, anxious or nervous pets, which require frequent breaks and may need special handling. 

We accept cash or card payment. We no longer accept bank transfer (other than no show fees) as we have had to chase clients recently. 

Neglected & Matted Coats

In the event that your pets coat needs to be clipped down to release it from matting or coat neglect Trim & Taylor are not liable for any post-grooming affects resulting from this procedure, which is not without risk. We have matted dog forms ready for parents to sign before agreeing to groom.

Any humane de-matting will be undertaken solely at my discretion, in compliance with the animal welfare act of 2006 (Clause five – animals are to be protected from pain injury and suffering). De-matting during a routine groom is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes and is only possible if the matting is minimal. For severely matted coats where de-matting isn’t possible, the only humane way to deal with this will be to completely shave off the coat.

Where possible you will be given an estimate of how long matt release is likely to take & an estimated additional cost for the procedure – sometimes this is something that we cannot estimate before beginning the groom however we will always keep you updated during the shave down. A shave down consumes significantly more time, labour, products and tool / equipment wear and tear than a routine trim therefore it will incur an extra charge. All shavedown costs are payable in full at the time you collect your pet.


If fleas  are discovered during your dogs groom, there will be a non-negotiable fee starting at £10 (increasing with severity) that will be added to the original groom price. The additional fee is to cover the cost of flea shampoo for your dog (Groomers Ridasect) and disinfectant for my salon to prevent them from being passed onto other clients.

Aggressive & Poorly Socialised Dogs

I reserve the right to refuse to groom any pet at risk of harming myself or itself. If your dog is accepted for grooming and displays any signs of aggression that I have not been informed of, the groom will be terminated immediately. You’ll be contacted to collect your dog and the full starting price of the groom will need to be paid on collection.

You must inform me prior to grooming if your dog has ever bitten or displayed aggression towards humans or other dogs. Failure to disclose this information may result in refusal of further services.

Time Keeping

Please be punctual. I work by appointment only; the appointment slot allocated for your pet’s groom has been booked at your request exclusively. I do not double book appointments; a no-show is lost income. 

Please also do not arrive BEFORE your appointment. This may happen to be the first time I’ve had a chance to grab a bite to eat or play with my own dogs.

Most grooms take between 1 – 3 hours depending on the size and temperament of the dog, and also, it’s coat condition. You will be advised what time to collect your pet.

Please do no return before this time, as your presence may distract your pet during the finishing stages of its groom. It is essential that you collect your pet at the agreed time as once the groom has finished your dog will be eager to go home and may become unsettled or anxious.

If you do happen to arrive earlier than the collection time agreed, please wait in your car further up the road – as most of you know I groom from within a dedicated room upstairs in our home, meaning dogs can see cars coming and going down the street and can become excited or distressed if they see you while still on the table.

I work on a 1-2-1 basis so once your dogs finished, they need to leave before the next dog arrives for his/her appointment as this could cause stress to both dogs.

Late collections may incur an extra charge of £5 for every 5-15 minutes late.

Please phone or text you are running late. I understand from time to time unforeseen circumstances may arise.


Clients arriving more than 15 minutes late for their appointment will be considered as a no show and you may have to re-book, this will incur a charge of the full cost of the groom/service booked. If you need an earlier drop off/later collection time due to other commitments, please discuss this with us when booking. If you incur any of the above-mentioned fees, they are payable in full at the time you collect your pet or via bank transfer before rebooking.

Cancelling Your Dog’s Appointment

I respectfully request 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your pet’s appointment. The slot can then be offered to our other clients without you incurring a cancellation fee.

No-Shows & Late Cancellations (or less than 48hrs notice)

The full price of your pet’s groom/booked service must be paid in full where failure to turn up for your appointment or where cancellations out of the 48hr notice period occur. This is to cover loss of earnings as I am a one groomer business – if you miss your appointment and do not pay, I do not earn for the hours wasted.

Pregnant Bitches

We WILL NOT groom a bitch that’s pregnant or still weaning her pups, grooming a pregnant bitch could in extreme cases abort her unborn pups. Therefore our policy is very clear with no exception.

Bitches In Season

We do not allow bitches in season to be groomed at Trim & Taylor. This is due to health risks associated with her being in season and also because it will upset the males that come into the salon, as you can appreciate a male after a bitch in a season will be highly agitated and will be extremely difficult to restrain and groom.

If you turn up with a bitch in season your appointment will be cancelled and the full starting price of the groom will be required to be paid.

Accidents & Emergencies

Please note that although we will take the utmost care with your dog whilst he/she is under our care accidents can happen, Trim & Taylor is not responsible for any accidental death to your pet, caused by a pre-existing health condition(s) such as heart failure, heart attacks/strokes/seizures or natural disasters etc whether of not your have disclosed them.

Unfortunately, some dogs do you come into the salon needing urgent veterinary care due to being neglected. If upon your dog’s arrival the dog is seen to be in a condition that causes them distress, pain or suffering I will immediately close the salon and take your dog to the vet so that he/she will be seen and helped at your expense. Unfortunately, we also have to cancel the groom and you would then be liable for the full cost of the groom plus vets fees.

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